I have training as a clinician and as a scientist. Publishing scholarly work is really important to me. It also means that I'm up to date on the most relevant and recent techniques - which means I know approaches that are most likely to help you. 

To date, I've published twelve peer-reviewed journal articles, two book chapters, and given eighteen conference presentations on various topics.

My research spans topics of sport and performance psychology, athlete mental health, and disordered eating. I also have written about the mental health of circus performers.

Given my background as a Division I college athlete, athlete and performer well-being is very important to me. Athletes and performers are under a tremendous amount of pressure to perform, and this research helps bring some of those issues to light, while advocating for more mental health programs to help athletes and performers. There is a strong overlap between athlete and performer well-being and disordered eating, which is another of my specialty areas. My research aims to communicate new research findings and help make mental health services for athletes more accessible.

Most recently, my dissertation was selected for the 2020 Society for Sport, Exercise & Performance Psychology Dissertation Award. In the work, titled "Influence of sport-specific cognitions and emotion regulation on symptoms of anxiety and depression in college athletes," I showed that sport-specific factors related to athletics, including an athletes' thoughts and emotions in sport, relate to and predict athletes' mental health. 

Check out some thumbnails of my most recent research articles and chapters below. 

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Photo by Vladimir Mokry on Unsplash