Sport and Performance Psychology
For athletes and performers
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Want to optimize your performance in sport and in life?

Most athletes and performers acknowledge that the most important aspect of their craft is the mental game, but few dedicate time and energy to it. 

Sport psychology can help athletes and performers learn skills that improve performance. 

Sport and performance psychology can help you:

           Have more confidence

           Increase consistency of  performance across practice and competitions/shows and across time

           Increase your focus

           Overcome mental blocks

           Feel more calm under pressure

           Better regulate emotions

           Set more manageable and achievable goals

           Maximize your practice time

           Communicate more effectively with coaches, teammates, and parents

           Get more satisfaction and fulfillment from performance

                  ... and more! 


Performance psychology includes skills, but it also involves working collaboratively with a provider who can create a safe space for you to air concerns, name emotions, problem-solve, and work with you to reach your goals. It's important to find a professional who is the right fit with your interpersonal style and performance needs. 


Performer Mental Health

Athletes and performers are under an enormous amount of stress and pressure. The performance environment is strenuous; performers are often expected to push themselves to their physical and mental limits. Performers often have to spend significant time away from friends and family, manage multiple relationships, manage academic and sport demands, and respond to time pressures. This makes performers vulnerable to experience burnout, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and other difficulties. All of these stressors can be difficult to manage alone. Working with a sport psychologist can help alleviate these stressors so that you can spend more time building the life you want to live and reach your goals. 

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